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Monday, 24 February 2014

24 Février 2014

I miss coming here, telling white little tales of sweet really small nothings. 
Like tonight, getting out of the subway one stop earlier, just to enjoy walking and waltzing across the bridge on a sunset, with cold spring still in the air, blue in the sky and you in my mind.

I come here almost everyday you know... in my mind... which doesn't really help you. But trust me, it is very interesting up there in my head... well, maybe not always, but at least always turning on something like a merry-go-round (love that word and world)... one of my new year resolution? learning how to farniente... problem is, apart from my brother who masters it under the tropical sun, I do have to teach it to my family. Because farniente on your own with crazy people around you, either you're totally self-centered... or stoned.
As I'm neither (eventhough I wish I was sometimes... which one? both. Seriously), well, my sweet and annoying brain will have to get it... one way or the other... any tips?
So I miss coming here, but some people say a picture is worth a thousand words. Right. but not always though. Otherwise, why talk at all? Would be amazing at work to just show a picture.
My oh my, I have to try it in my next training sessions... success guaranteed right?
The problem is, I have so many things I'm intersted in (Kougelhopf baking for once. Seriously), that well... have to focus... but when focusing all day long, it is difficult sometimes to focus on something that is supposed to be a bright little bubble of peace and Gandhi. Why him? well as he said, "One step at a time is enough for me".
Will you take the next one with me? I'll try to feel some holes. Some of them are really lovely, and they tango or salsa... Come!

With love, as in the sky tonight

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