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Friday, 26 April 2013

26 Avril 2013

And you know, you say to yourself : I'll do it everyday, write something funny for someone else to read or me to remember, and then life finds it even more amusing to get in the way.

So you think you have time little jedi? Well, I'll have you be a team of two on your own for the next weeks. Done, on Monday (yeah, life is quick too in funking your day)
So you think you can sleep all you want to rest for the days I've gifted you? Think again : let's have the Tour Auto Optic 2000 rally run under your windows from 6am to 7am on Tuesday, shall we? Lovely wake-up call, I'm a big fan of that.
What about lunch ? Lots of luck there, rushing to the physiotherapist, in order to put you totally in the zone for the rest of the day or week, even more fun right?. That was a sunny Wednesday daydreaming somewhere up there near the sun and the stars.
No, no, I said no. Think again about free time, let's put you down early, (9 pm on Wednesday nice and cosy thanks to the zone), and have you impersonate Penelope, undoing the work of days, just for the fun of it. And that makes Thursday night.
Projects? what projects little jedi? said with a fickle smile. Fighting up till 7pm on Friday to get it at long last validated from Monday, Thursday and Friday's promises. Like there was only this to fight for this week, with all the time in the world...

I had a truly wonderful week, so amusing, ending on a Zebra note and brillant brillant silver lining, so brillant it is blinding.

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