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Saturday, 1 September 2012

1er Septembre 2012

To wake up at 5:30, way too early,
to take a nap carried across France,
to wake up again in Kentish town to discover the most amazing wholefood shop,
to get lost in threads, then,
to detour to the almost abandonned church and hear the croud across the iron gate,
to choose postcards meant to never be sent apparently,
to decide to take a bus and get an almost private ride to the best Japan food and shopping area,
to catch a waitress making funny faces not really destined to me,
to step into Christmas already,
to remember the number of the bus line to my old home,
to visit a ball, and have a ball,
to just sit and zone out watching children splash water in the timid sun,
to get up at last and take another ride as my feet can't seem to want to be working anymore,
to arrive at my old abode,
and wearing the sunglasses high, to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the posh area,
to enjoy so much Marks and its cookies,
to carry too much enjoyment as it got heavy,
to step into Brazil, Cuba, Sardinia, Portugal, France, Spain, India, Thaïland in just a couple of steps is doing funny things to the head and stomach,
to head back to yet another ride, deciding to enjoy the way back out in the sun, instead of underground,
to change bus and then get lost because of traffic deviation,
to have to carry the heavy overflow of enjoyment all the way back to the right track, on foot this time,
to have some Liberty at last,
to just step into an unannounced street festival,
to watch one funny lady having the crowd cheer just for her,
to see three crazy guys doing horizontal things while standing up,
to catch the train at last, still early though, but still heavy also,
to wait for the bigger train,
to completly fall asleep and wake up back on my homeland,
to be totally out of it when stepping down the train, and getting paparazzed for my pink jean's in the night,
to have my friend howl with laughter over this flash,
to be home again, my other home,
to sleep at last, in my feathers dreaming about cookies, ball, threads, chicken smell.

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