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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

25 Mai 2010

B. can't believe what she heard.
L. just praised her good taste, in front of everyone.
She's smiling wide. She's sweet. She's happy. She can't believe it. She repeats it around. She looks at the object of the remark.
Careful now, I think her head is going to explode with pride.
Yeap, definitly swelling.
Oops, headache on the way.
Oh... make way, she needs some space.
Oups, she just died of advanced snobinisme, very very dangerous.

See, where too much good opinion of oneself can lead. Lethal.

1 comment:

marie odile said...

J'aime ce resume!! lol, et la tete solide sur le epaules qui ne se laisse pas emballee!!