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Monday, 16 July 2007

16 Juillet 2007

Des gouttes de crocodile ont voulu arroser le bleu solaire du ciel pour lui montrer de quel gris elles se chauffaient. Au vu du résultat, il était foncé, le gris.


Adrien said...

You just broke the posting streak that had been running from 26 June. Damned, I was used to have my little babycakes's post every day.

Hope everything's well.

Babycakes said...

I'm coming, I'm coming... couldn't decide which one to post yesterday so I decided it was easier to go to sleep...

I can't believe I'm bossed around on my own blog!! ;)

(By the way I can return the compliment, nothing this morning at 7am ... :p)

As well as it can...